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Your Employees are the key to delivering exceptional Customer Service.

Sales teams are vital to a company’s success. But many companies invest in training only to see little or no return on that investment. Most CX training programs fail because they don’t focus on building a sustainable CX culture that aligns the values of employees with those of the organization.

I’m Saadia Bokhari and I can help you do just that.

My unique approach starts with understanding your company’s goals and developing tailored training programs that engage employees and produce real results for your business.

How I do this?

My approach focuses on two aspects


A People Audit” helps assess if the business is optimally staffed, the right people are in the right jobs and whether they have the required skill set and training to excel in their roles.


An audit of the backend business processes helps identify the root cause of problems and lapses in service and present sustainable solutions.

 Customer Experience (CX) Consultant, Corporate Trainer & Employee Engagement Expert

I provide customized training solutions and consulting services to businesses that are growth focused. My programs are based on a data driven needs analysis process, backed by years of operational experience.

I work with businesses to drive sales growth through improved Customer Experience (CX) and increased Customer Loyalty.

My Journey


Senior Executive At A Multi-national Media Firm

A 15-year tenure from a Customer Service Representative to Vice President provided me with invaluable experience and exposure to the commercial world and the opportunity to work with experienced professionals in business development, finance and general management.



An experience that taught me the importance of business planning and the direct impact employee engagement has on delivering the best Customer Experiences and generating repeat business.


CX Consultant, Corporate Trainer & Coach

An understanding that a one size fits all approach does not yield tangible results. Techniques that result in better business performance require intensive research,  transparency and collaboration between client and consultant.

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We don’t get many referrals from our existing customers.

We get a lot of one-time business.

Our customer facing sales and service teams are nervous of handling difficult customers and conflict situations.

Our sales processes are long and complicated and often cause delays that lead to customer complaints.

We often have to offer compensation to customers who complain about our product / service.

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