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Delivering the best Customer Experience online and offline is key to success. Let me show you how we can improve yours.

Grow your business by building customer loyalty.

Focus on delivering a positive CX on all channels to increase return business.

Research shows that 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. Providing great customer service is important. However, it can be challenging to train sales teams professionally, motivate them continuously, and sustain high delivery standards over time.

In the current digital age, companies must also understand and analyze the customer journey across all digital channels. Identifying pitfalls and developing a smooth CX is essential for long-term growth.

I am Saadia Bokhari, a Customer Experience Consultant. I work with sales, service and operations teams to review and optimize the customer journey whether working remotely or in-the-field, face to face with customers.

I provide customized training solutions based on data-driven needs analysis backed by years of operational experience. Learn more about my training solutions and help your business improve Customer Experience (CX) online and offline, drive sales, and grow through customer loyalty.

A professional approach to Customer Experience Training

Business Process Audit

Whether it’s a well-established business or a startup, the problems that cause blockages in growth are usually a result of the business scaling and growing in the absence of a defined strategy.

The People Audit

Understanding the required skillset of every role and matching it with those of the teams on the ground clearly shows up any discrepancies that may exist between the two. This in turn helps to find solutions.

Customized Training

Based on the requirements identified during both the Business Process and People Audit, I create tailor-made training modules that teach techniques and business best practices that teams can take away and begin to implement immediately.

Training Modules And Workshops

All training modules are created and customized to address specific pain points identified during the needs analysis process. They all include activity-based learning, interactive roundtable discussions and role plays designed around live case studies from the workplace.

Professional Development Training

Customized Training Programs for Leadership, Customer Experience and Sales

Leadership Development - Leading Self

Leadership Development - Mastering Management


Customer Experience

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