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Customized Training

To design a tailor-made training module for a Sales team. The mandate from the management was to “refresh and motivate” and teach techniques on time management, improving efficiencies, business planning and professionalism.

It was a multi-cultural team of experienced salespeople, some of whom had been with the company for many years. They were performing within their assigned territories but were weak in planning and forecasting. The team dynamic was such that information and expertise was not shared easily. Also, there were issues resulting from the negative attitude of one team member that was impacting sales performance. There was a reluctance for the salespeople to follow company policies and internal procedures which was causing stress to the management and affecting turnaround time for order delivery.

I conducted one-on-one interviews with the team, individually and as a group, to identify the pain points of each individual functioning as part of the team. Based on these findings, I created a two-day training module including topics such as Time Management, Effective Communication, Maximizing Your Potential through a Positive Mental Attitude and The Sales Staircase.

The training included role plays based on case studies to ensure the session was interactive and relevant to the team.  Each session required them to evaluate themselves which encouraged them to be introspective and recognize their weak areas.

I took them through the process of building a business plan for the department which included crafting a budget and sales forecast for the next fiscal year. This process helped them define their perfect customer and build a strategy to identify them and what actions needed to be taken to acquire and retain these customers.

The complete participation of the team demonstrated that there was a willingness to see and do things differently. The perspective of treating colleagues like customers was new and created a paradigm shift in their behaviour towards each other. They were able to measure their effectiveness and set goals for improvement in the future.



Customized Training

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