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Typical Clients

Business Owners and CEO’s

Anyone who has started a business from scratch will know how stressful it can be. Initially, till the time one has built a reliable team and can delegate, all aspects of the business rely on you!

Everything seems equally important and urgent as one tries to maintain control.  It is easy to succumb to overwhelm and lose sight of why one decided to go into business in the first place! It’s an experience that is both physically and emotionally exhausting before it can be rewarding.

Being in the senior most position is similar but in a different way. Along with being ultimately responsible for all major functions of the business, one is primarily responsible for developing and executing strategies for the business that result in overall growth. Managing people, guiding them to create capability within their teams so that all divisions are working like a well-oiled machine is a huge responsibility and can be extremely stressful. It truly is lonely at the top.

Having been both a regional head for a large multinational media company as well as a business owner, I’ve personally experienced these challenges. As a consultant I help business owners navigate this journey and show them a perspective that they may not be able to see in their current role and position.
As a CX specialist I help them realize their Customer Experience objectives. I design and create customer centric processes and systems and provide guidance on how to implement them in the organization and get buy-in from key stakeholders.

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Managers and Department Heads

During my journey from a customer service representative to a senior executive in the company, I faced many challenges. One of them was being promoted to a managerial role where my title changed overnight but the skillset required to take on the new responsibility did not!

As a coach, I guide managers and department heads on how to build capability within teams through empowerment so they can grow with the organization.  I coach on how to improve employee engagement, embrace customer centric strategies and how to actively “walk the talk” and become mentors to the teams they manage.

Sales Teams

Sales through Service is a philosophy that has served me well throughout my career as well as in business.  I help sales teams put it into practice at every step in the sales process so that their conversion ratios start to improve immediately.

Customer Service Teams

I started my career in customer service and have trained extensively in this discipline throughout my working life. Always at the centre of my entrepreneurial and corporate career, customer service has been the foundation stone of my success.

My customized training modules and workshops teach customer facing sales and service teams techniques that equip them with the knowledge and confidence to manage difficult situations within teams and with customers.

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