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Setting up a multi-lingual Call Centre

To set up a 20 strong, multi-lingual call-centre responsible for customer service, sales, retention and technical support and to bring it up to international standards.

The business was in its first year of operation. The brand was unknown to the region. The platform had two very distinct offerings; one targeted at Arabic speakers and the other at Tagalog speaking Filipinos, both within the GCC market.

I conducted individual interviews of the existing call centre team to assess their level of competence, experience and commitment to the job and the organization. Simultaneously, I initiated a talent hunt to find suitable candidates based on attitude, skills, experience and fluency in the languages required.

After onboarding, I personally delivered soft skills training in customer service, tele-marketing, sales and telephone etiquette and techniques. This was supported by on-going one-on-one mentoring to ensure support and guidance was given where needed. Technical training was also arranged in-house by the Head of Technology.

Department policies were reviewed. New policies, procedural process flows, and business rules were drafted and put into effect aimed at improving turnaround time for order processing and ensuring valuable customer feedback was being channeled back to relevant management teams to improve the overall Customer Experience.

Business rules for the efficient capture of subscription and customer data in the CRM system were created to ensure proper follow up for sales, installations and renewals.

Lastly, KPI’s were implemented focusing on six specific service areas. This was used to launch the “Employee of the Month” programme through which outstanding performance by the call centre team was recognized within the entire organization and rewarded. This greatly helped boost the morale and motivation of the team and encouraged healthy competition within the team.

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Setting up a multi-lingual Call Centre

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