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Team Building Workshop

To design a one-day workshop for 26 participants from Sales, Accounts and Admin., Production and Logistics. The goal was to teach new techniques to communicate effectively and demonstrate how this reduces stress levels at work and has a positive impact on productivity.

  • The participants were a varied mix of seniority levels from across the company – from department heads to more junior logistics operators. The challenge was to keep the session relevant and engaging for the entire audience.
  • Some team members did not know each other and were unfamiliar with the actual job functions they carried out.
  • Communication between departments was strained and there was a general ambience of “working in silos”.
  • Difficult conversations occasionally led to unpleasant exchanges between teams leading to a negative impact on productivity.
  • The company culture was not clearly defined and did not encourage transparency.
  • Teams on the ground were not aware of the mission and vision of the company. There was no common shared goal connecting the teams.

I conducted one-on-one interviews with the CEO and the department heads to get their perspective of the problems and what they thought was causing them. I also spent time with individual team members to understand how they were feeling and why.

I designed an Employee Engagement survey consisting of questions relating to their personal happiness, company culture, Net Promoter Score, rewards and recognition etc.

I then designed a workshop around Effective Communication with fun, activity-based learning and role plays based on live situations from the workplace. The activities were designed to encourage  team members to give constructive feedback on conversational role plays and suggestions on how they could have played out differently with better results.

An activity was done using an ideation tool where team members built models using Lego bricks to articulate how they felt about various aspects of the business currently and how they envisioned them in the future.

All the “fun” activities were built around getting to know something about each other that they didn’t already know. The techniques learned in the workshop helped them to be more aware and empathetic in their communications. This built confidence to communicate more openly and as a result invisible walls started to come down and communication began to flow better.



Team Building Workshop

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